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Auditors Take the Fight to Fraudsters

Keep a tight leash on member information, and require certain measures to protect it.
Bill Merrick
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Seven common audit findings—and how to avoid them.
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Compliance Q&A: Fair Credit Reporting Act

Does the act prohibit CUs from sharing the contents of credit reports with members?
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Members can receive a free copy of their credit reports from the nationwide consumer reporting companies.
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CUs Exchange Onboarding Best Practices

Empower employees to serve new members during the account-opening process.
Steve Rodgers
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The first 90 days is crucial for making or breaking a new-member relationship.
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To File or Not to File?

Review your SAR processes so they’re commensurate with your risk.
Andrea Stritzke
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Don't file Suspicious Activity Reports without questioning the decision-making process leading to them.
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