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New CUSO Requirements Begin June 30

CUs must amend CUSO contracts to require direct reporting to NCUA.
Key change addresses NCUA’s concerns over its ability to monitor and evaluate CUSO risks.
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Examining Risk

Pay attention to new developments in NCUA’s seven risk factors.
Risk is the four-letter word first and foremost in every regulator’s mind.
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Compliance Matters

Liquidity and Contingency Funding Plans

NCUA’s new reg adopts tiered-regulatory approach based on CU assets.
Effective March 31, 2014, all federally insured CUs will be subject to NCUA’s new liquidity regulation.
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Regulatory Compliance for Investments

NCUA’s investment regulations will address ‘standards of creditworthiness.’
CUNA expects NCUA to issue additional guidance on how to comply with its new investment rules.
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C-O-M-P-L-I-A-N-C-E By The Letters

Here’s a letter-by-letter lookat 2012’s regulatory challenges.
Google the word “compliance” and you get about 362 million results, which seems like the number of regulations credit unions are expected to comply with today.
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10 Ways the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Will Affect CUs

The CFPB has a sweeping mandate and raises many questions.
The CFPB has a sweeping mandate and raises many questions.
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