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The Trouble with Enigmas

Don’t assume members will figure out the CU difference on their own.
Consumers don’t have the time or inclination to solve riddles, decipher cryptic messages, or unwrap enigmas.
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Librarian in a Hard Hat

Hat’s off to those who proactively address research challenges.
This week’s Research Roundup examines student loans, a possible mortgage crisis for older Americans, and more.
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Make Information Actionable!

Consumers need actionable information regarding investments and housing.
You can’t accomplish your mission without the right data.
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Tricky Choices

Data can help us make the best possible choices.
This week’s Research Roundup examines economic realities and offers insights on older Americans.
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Fire Up!

News of the Western forest fires has been frightening yet thought-provoking.
Does opportunity for a rejuvenating firestorm exist in the financial services industry?
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Service Without Reservation

A recent trip to the luxurious Broadmoor Hotel offers value lessons in outstanding service.
How might your CU create superior member service interactions that ensure loyalty and promote member growth?
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Catalysts for Change

Don't wait for the temperature to rise before you take action
Is your decision making the result of an unexpected catalyst or forward thinking?
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These Are a Few of His Least Favorite Things

It’s interesting what a little experience can do to change one’s perspective.
Contemplate your CU’s frame of reference: Do you offer products and services based on your own experiences—without understanding the competition’s activities or member needs?
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Focus on Your Core Strengths

Are you successfully engaged with core product and service offerings?
When it comes to meeting members’ needs, go back to the basics.
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A Bit of Unpleasantness

Do privacy violations at your CU leave members feeling trapped?
Reports of consumer loan fraud rose 127% from 2010 to 2011.
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