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Housing’s Flight Path

What’s keeping millennials from leaving the nest?
Improving economy should lead to higher home ownership.
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A Glimpse in the Crystal Ball

Trend analysis is an important tool for business strategists.
‘Study the past if you would divine the future.’
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No Lounging on Investment Decisions

Advance planning leads to happy outcomes with investment decisions.
Investor optimism is at a seven-year high.
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Sprinkle Some Elfin Magic into Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

Make your marketing messages resonate with valuable content.
Change your focus from ‘one to many’ to ‘one to one.’
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Employee Engagement: A Pretty Picture?

What inspires your staff and keeps them under your employ?
Inspiring and motivating employees is the most important driver of leadership effectiveness.
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Of Branches and Luddites

Technology facilitates convenience, but the human presence remains vital.
Tablets have the power to transform the branch and engage customers as never before.
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Housing: ‘In the Pink?’

Many young adults fear they won’t qualify for mortgages.
Mortgage myths sometimes hamper home purchases.
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Chasing Dollars

Americans are anxious about retirement savings.
One-fifth of the middle class has no retirement savings.
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Who’s Afraid of Mobile?

The rapid growth of online and mobile banking is frightening for many Americans.
Mobile banking security and technical errors remain prime concerns.
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Fewer Consumers Are Late for an Important Date

Loan delinquency rates are down across the board.
Consumer debt levels are becoming more manageable.
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