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When ‘Free’ Means Free

Regs spell out when you can—and can’t—advertise accounts as free.
Since the Federal Reserve issued its final rules on interchange fees, some financial institutions have eliminated free checking to recoup lost income.
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The Cost of Compliance

An adequate compliance budget will give your CU peace of mind.
Credit unions can't ignore the cost of compliance and the need to budget for it.
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Draft a Compliance QB

Every CU compliance program needs two elements: a quarterback and a game plan.
Create and implement a compliance game plan.
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Ready for July 21?

Several Dodd-Frank provisions go into effect this month.
July 21, 2011, is a significant date for all credit union compliance staff. Why?
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Educate Staff on SCRA Provisions

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act policies should address four key points.
Develop detailed procedures to assist staff in handling questions about the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.
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It's Time for Spring Cleaning

Identify in your policies how long you’ll keep certain documents.
Identify in your policies how long you'll keep certain documents.
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Compliance Trouble Spots Could be Behind You

Revisit old regs as you comply with new ones.
If you don’t conduct a compliance review, you could quickly be out of compliance.
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No Reg Relief in Sight

Complying with new and existing regs continues to burden CUs.
CUs' compliance load just keeps getting heavier.
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Fed Provides CARD Act Clarification

Does changing from a nonvariable rate to a variable rate trigger the duty to review the account?
The Fed recently provided another proposal related to the CARD Act. But this one is actually helpful.
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