Maintain a Competitive Edge with Benefits

Creative compensation and benefits packages attract and retain top talent.
Executive pay in for-profit businesses continues to increase despite weak profit growth.
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Defend Your Executive Pay Practices

A well-designed, well-documented compensation plan is the best defense against regulator inquiries.
New regulatory requirements will increase scrutiny on boards' executive compensation decisions.
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Overworked & Understaffed

Recession erodes employee morale and leaves staffs stretched thin.
Welcome to the post-recession workplace.
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Legislation May Lead to Higher Fees

Loss of interchange income could lead to higher costs for CUs and members.
CUs would not only need to cover the loss of fee income, but also the increased costs of complying with the regulations.
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Use Salary Data to Attract & Retain Skilled Staff

Setting appropriate compensation is crucial to recruiting and retaining skilled employees, encouraging high performance, and ensuring competitiveness in the labor market.
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