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CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference

Follow the Laws of Branding

Business development staff are CUs’ branding ‘secret weapon.’
Smart CUs don’t push products; they promote their brands.
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Underbanked Consumers: The Next Frontier?

Unchartered territory may yield exciting opportunities for CUs.
The underbanked market shows promising revenue growth.
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Internal Branding: Find Your Sweet Spot

Let your employees and customers tell you who you are.
‘Find the sweet spot between what you do well, what customers value, and what you can own over time.’
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Give Your Best Asset—Your Members—a Voice

'People do business with people they like.'
Social media takes steady communication, frequent availability, empathy and a sense of humor.
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The Promise and Peril of Subprime Lending

Embrace C-, D-, E-tier members—to grow loans and to serve a greater swath of members.
CUs are ‘stabbing each other in the back’ with low-rate auto loans for top-tier members.
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The Fiscal Cliff: What’s the Worst-Case Scenario for CUs?

The fallout wouldn’t be pretty for CU balance sheets.
‘The probability is better than 50% that we’ll kick the can down the road with some modest spending cuts and tax increases.’
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Are You Prepared for Mortgage Audits?

Robust quality control is vital when selling mortgages to the secondary market.
Mortgage agencies are searching hard for risk.
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CUNA Lending Council Conference

CUs Missing Out on Student Loan Opportunity

Panel schools conference attendees on benefits of private student loans.
Why do less than 0.5% of CUs offer private student loans?
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CUNA Lending Council Conference

‘Give Your Best Asset a Voice’ with Social Media

Be fun and real—and don’t delete angry posts.
'People do business with people they like—and they recommend businesses they love.'
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CUNA Lending Council Conference

Lending and the Economy: Right Direction, Wrong Speed

CUNA economist predicts tepid loan growth for foreseeable future.
Pent-up demand, recovering housing market bode well for auto loans and mortgages.
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