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In Search of Gen Y

Many CUs find it difficult to attract this elusive age group.
Attracting the next generation of members requires interacting on their terms and on their turf.
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Reverse Mortgages

Demand for this product will grow as more boomers enter underfunded retirements.
Many CUs have been reluctant to consider reverse mortgages, but that appears to be changing.
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Directors Go Back to School

Directors are moving from the boardroom to the classroom as NCUA raises expectations of their financial knowledge.
NCUA’s financial literacy requirements are pushing credit union directors to combine the will to offer volunteer leadership with the skills required to assess financial performance.
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Reverse Mortgages Open Up A New Market

CUs offer reverse mortgages to house-rich, cash-poor members.
As more baby boomers reach retirement, the reverse mortgage could move from a novelty product to a new market.
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Serving Those Who Serve

CUs face many challenges as they serve members deployed around the world.
The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq sometimes hit painfully close to home for military credit unions.
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Post-Recession Lending

Loan delinquencies and charge-offs are declining. There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
Declining delinquencies should enable loan loss provisions to dramatically decrease in 2011 and 2012.
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A Merger Slowdown

The 230 CU mergers in 2010 represent the second fewest in 30 years.
The recession, new accounting rules, and compliance burdens have contributed to the slowdown in CU mergers.
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The Mobile Tipping Point

Industry analysts say this is the year mobile banking goes mainstream.
Industry analysts say this is the year mobile banking goes mainstream.
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Veridian CU Explores Mobile Opportunities

Members who use online banking are likely to embrace mobile banking.
A high rate of online banking adoption helped attract 6,000 mobile banking users within the first five months of launch.
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Be a Fast Follower

Consider competitors’ plans when developing your service delivery strategies.
OnPoint Community CU emphasizes both access to services and sticky relationships.
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