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EMV Conversion Planning: 12 Tips

Get started now, experts tell CUs.
A 12-point road map as your CU plots the switch from magnetic stripe to chip cards.
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Benefits Still Matter in a Down Economy

Without incentives to stay, employees may be out the door when the employment market improves.
When benefits start to slide, salaries become far more important.
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Innovative CUs Draw Up New Lending Approaches

Successful lenders are proactive and creative—and they don’t think ‘risk’ is a four-letter word.
Lending innovators spot—and act on—opportunities to make loans and boost the bottom line.
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Lending Opportunities in an Uncertain Economy

Stepping out of their lending comfort zones brings positive results for many CUs.
CUs see loan growth by revamping delivery, pricing, or types of loans.
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Enterprise Risk Management

CUs must scan the entire horizon for risk and reward.
Comprehensive ERM training will enhance directors’ understanding of the balance sheet—and improve decision making.
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2013 Lending Outlook

Opening the door to loan growth requires innovation and higher risk tolerance.
The threat of a fiscal cliff brings continued uncertainty for business and consumer lending.
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CUFX: Bringing It All Together

An open integration standard will improve CUs’ speed to market with tech innovations.
Spearheaded by the CUNA Technology Council, CUFX is actively supported by more than 40 credit unions and vendors.
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Where Will Your Next CEO Come From?

Open search yields best candidates for CEO.
Limiting your search to one avenue overlooks the importance of selecting a CEO with the right combination of skills and vision.
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Tech Trends

Members’ needs must drive technology innovation and adoption.
Make sure your CU employs technology effectively to meet member needs and remain viable.
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Fee or Free

It’s a delicate balancing act as CUs try to generate income without annoying members.
Credit unions benefited from the bankers’ misstep on fees, garnering hundreds of thousands of new members.
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