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Teaming Up With Walmart

Many CUs enjoy a healthy relationship with the retail giant and garner thousands of new members.
While some see Walmart as a threat, some credit unions see opportunity and enjoy a healthy business relationship with the retail giant.
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Walmart: How Deep Into Financial Services Will It Go?

After abandoning an earlier attempt, is Walmart planning another run at a bank charter?
Some industry observers say the arrival of the U.S. Bank of Walmart is less a matter of “if” than “when."
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CU Hits a Mortgage Home Run

‘Accelerated mortgage’ proves popular among well-qualified borrowers.
Roughly 90% of those who refinanced through the program were new members with an average loan-to-value of 45% and credit scores in the high 700s.
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Bring New Members Onboard

Bank Transfer Day resulted in hundreds of thousands of new members. Now what?
CU marketers have been so busy trying to attract new members they’ve had precious little time to consider what might happen if they were wildly successful.
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Consistency is Crucial in Member Interactions

It’s not members’ responsibility to know what your CU offers.
CU’s success is rooted in efforts to gain market share, build member awareness, and implement branding consistency.
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CU Boosts Business Lending as Banks Retreat

Black Hills FCU grew its business loan portfolio from $12 million to $43 million in three years.
CU targets young enterprises and established ventures with new owners.
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Mobile Solutions for Small Businesses

The irony is that small-business owners are too busy to embrace time-saving technologies.
Many small-business owners have undoubtedly heard about remote deposit capture. But incorporating those time-saving technologies into their small-business operations will have to wait—because these business owners are just too busy.
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Enlightened Lending

Award-winning CUs have a strong vision for lending success.
Top-notch lending requires seeing the potential for growth where others might settle for business as usual.
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Lending Innovation

Award-winning CUs choose the path less traveled to find lending success.
In an environment where consumers are reluctant to borrow, innovative lending strategies have become essential for growth.
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Core Operations Move to the Cloud

Even larger CUs—once skeptical due to security concerns—are taking a closer look at the cloud.
Can you imagine a day when even mission-critical services such as core processing routinely run on "the cloud?" That day is coming.
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