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Exploring a Payments Strategy

Payments will continue to evolve for CUs.
The days of relying on a steady income stream from debit card interchange fees are fading.
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 ‘Back-Stage’ Innovation

Don’t overlook process innovation in the quest for process improvement.
There’s a difference between improvement and innovation. Improvement is an ongoing act of making something better. Innovation is an ongoing process involving an orderly, organized, and continuous activity that commercializes ideas.
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Long Live the CIO

Rates of technology adoption and diffusion are accelerating.
It’s clear IT professionals are increasingly feeling pressure as their role evolves.
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What Skills Will IT Staff Need Most in the Future?

Technologists need a blend of hard and soft skills to climb the corporate ladder.
Learning and knowing Web development tools, HTML, and Javascript will help IT staff and their CUs succeed.
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Embrace a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Continuous process improvement is one of the most important ways operations and technology can support the CU.
Reduce costs and improve quality by implementing a Six Sigma program.
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