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CUs Looking for Lending Uptick in 2013

Focus on fundamentals and keep an eye on risk, lenders advise.
Credit unions expect modest loan growth this year as the economy improves.
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Employee Fraud: Prevent the Inside Job

Employee theft increases during difficult economic times.
Employee theft causes more business bankruptcies than any other type of crime.
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CUs Talk Tech Priorities for 2013

Mobile platforms, security, and member relationship management top the list.
“Mobile” is a key theme in the conversation, along with meeting member needs.
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Improve Sales Culture to Boost Lending

Training can help staff turn member interactions into loan opportunities.
CUs have retooled to help staff recognize and act on lending opportunities that also benefit members.
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Succession Planning: The Urgency Builds

As baby boomers begin to retire, CUs will see turnover at all levels.
Approximately 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 every day for the next 18 years, reports the Pew Research Center.
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Post-Recession Staffing Strategies

Today’s employees must be highly trained, adaptable, and tech-savvy.
Credit unions are looking at staffing differently these days because of the challenging economy and changing technology.
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Advice for Tomorrow’s Leaders  

Cultivate good interpersonal skills, and know the right questions to ask.
The path to excellent leadership often includes some form of executive training. Among the options for training is CUNA Management School.
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Multitasking Employees

Recession-induced cost-cutting has resulted in leaner staffs and 'universal' employees.
The Great Recession left indelible marks on nearly all aspects of CU operations—and staff.
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Strategic Planning  During Uncertain Times

Consumer confidence is still fragile, and the economic outlook changes daily.
Strategic planning is even more challenging during uncertain times.
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Consider Members’ Stories  When Making Loan Decisions

CUs make more loans and increase member loyalty by empowering their loan officers.
Members' stories can play a key role in loan decisions, CEOs agree.
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