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Fun With RFPs

Help us make a choice we may very well regret for the rest of our careers.
Five years ago, my CU converted to a new core system. Here’s the request for proposal I always wanted to write, but never did.
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What’s Your Plan C?

It’s a poignant question that applies to so much of life, including business plans.
Sometimes, the best lessons in life are learned informally, in random remarks made in odd settings.
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The Story of the Evil Weasel

Here’s a tale of greed, cunning, and the CARD Act.
In an epic battle between an evil weasel and elected officials, bet on the weasel.
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Some Fees Are Best Left Uncharged

What kinds of fees could a diabolical financial institution come up with?
Fees based on things members don’t do elicit the greatest negative reactions.
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Ten Ways to Maximize Risk

Risk management techniques guaranteed to make your board twitch.
Time to perk things up a bit with a tongue-in-cheek look at 10 ways to maximize risk.
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Five Suggestions for the New CFPB

Like all things in Washington these days, the CFPB’s future is murky.
The jury’s still out on what the CFPB will tackle first.
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Seven Savings Tricks for Gen Y

Focus on the why, not the what, of savings.
The term “gen Y savings” is an oxymoron.
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Betting On a Better Year

Lending looks better in 2011—it can’t get much worse.
Here's James Collins's personal forecast of what will happen in lending, by product type, in the coming months.
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Stuck at '12:00?'

Participating in social media is risky but necessary.
Participating in social media is risky but necessary.
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Top Tech Trends and Annoyances

Whatever technology you invest in, it needs to work.
It’s a bellwether time for tech innovations.
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