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CUs Are Cool Again. Embrace It.

CUs are in the right place at the right time for this ‘conscious’ age.
Consumers are environmentally conscious, health conscious, and financially conscious.
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Strategic Insights

More Members, Regs, and a Future Focus

Along with welcome signs of growth come more rules, regulations, and proposals.
CUs are the model of the future.
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America's CU Conference preview

Gladwell: CUs are David to Banks’ Goliath

CUs should use their size to their advantage in a financial services arena that’s as unsettled as ever.
‘True innovation comes from the marginal people who push innovations into the center.’
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Inside Washington

Tough Times Are Opportunistic Times

An overwhelming tide of satisfied members can help CUs seize opportunities
Members are the best weapon against recessions, burdensome regulations, and a stalled Congress.
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