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Data Security Budgets Are Rising

Protecting member data is a top CU priority.
Massive data security breaches weigh heavily on the minds of CU executives.
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Speed Dating With an ICU Day Twist

At Sunmark FCU's 'Speed Savings' event, attendees consulted with a series of financial experts.
'It’s a little like speed dating without the creepy dude.'
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Apple Pay Will ‘Chew Into’ Interchange Revenue

Payments experts examine potential impact of new payment technology.
‘It’s not looking good,’ speaker tells attendees.
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Three Components to Meaningful Conversations

Recognize the power of communication with co-workers.
'There is no such thing as a personality conflict. Behavior causes conflict.'
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Sievewright: Buckle In for a Transformative Decade

Everything will change for CUs as the pace of technology quickens, Fiserv exec says.
'The next 10 years will make the last 10 years look trivial.'
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CUNA Tech/OpSS Conference

CUNA Tech/OpSS Conference Concludes

'Digitize all your channels, including the branch.'
View scenes from the conference, held in Las Vegas
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Highlights from the Joint CUNA Tech/OpSS Council Conference

Speaker encourages CUs to consider gamification when developing their apps.
‘There will be a profound change in how CUs do business, and it will be enabled by technology.’
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CUNA Tech/OpSS Council Conference

'Speed Rounds' Highlight Host of Innovations

Vendors make their pitch to more than 500 conference attendees.
Offerings include geolocated discounts and predictive modeling.
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Scenes from the joint CUNA Tech/OpSS Council Conference

Technology, operations professionals 'Connect' in Las Vegas.
'Don't laugh off concepts that might seem silly.'
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CUNA Tech/OpSS Council Conference

Bodell: ‘Kill Your Company’ to Save It

Author urges CUs to start an innovation revolution by identifying self-defeating practices.
‘We are managing and not leading.’
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