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Compliance Matters

Privacy Rule Doesn’t Necessarily Purge Paper

CUs must meet several compliance criteria to post notices solely online.
The CFPB doesn't require CUs to use the alternative delivery method.
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How FATCA Will Affect Your W-8BEN Forms

Recent regulatory changes mean the law impacts more CUs than previously thought.
Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in 2010 in response to a series of U.S. tax evasion scandals.
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Can CUs Serve the Budding Marijuana Industry?

The compliance burden of doing so appears not only insurmountable, but also overreaching.
Until marijuana-related businesses are legal at the federal level, CUs may be taking a great risk by serving them.
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Mortgage Servicing Rule: A Moving Target

Uncertainty surrounding CFPB’s additional clarifications hinders compliance by January 2014.
The CFPB revisions to the mortgage servicing rule demonstrate the agency’s attentiveness to lenders’ concerns.
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Mortgage Lenders Prepare For June 1

Three Reg Z changes precede an avalanche of CFPB rules to implement next year.
The bulk of the new mortgage rules won’t take effect until next year
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Nonresident Alien Reporting

Update policies and procedures to comply with this new rule.
The rule goes into effect just weeks from now, on Jan. 1, 2013.
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Advice From the Compliance Front Line

You’ve just been promoted to compliance officer. What do you need to know?
Top 10 list of must-do suggestions from credit union compliance professionals.
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