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Compliance: Never Let Your Guard Down

A case in point involves the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
Penalties for violating ECOA can be quite severe. Just ask a small bank in Texas.
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Lending in the Not-Too-Distant Future

See what the member of the future, Olivia, will expect from CUs.
Technology will continue to change how members obtain CU services.
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Lending: Go ‘All In’

Take a no-holds-barred approach to lending.
Successful lending demands dedication, discipline, training, and communication.
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‘You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!’

Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act regs leave much to be desired.
New mortgage disclosures mean CUs face a short compliance timeframe and difficult problems to solve. Again.
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Embrace End-to-End E-Lending

Electronic lending, from application to funding, will be a requirement to remain competitive.
Members, particularly young adults, will demand the ability to obtain loans without face-to-face interaction at any point in the transaction.
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Beware the Fed’s Proposals Within Proposals

Fed proposal could have a negative impact on CU members.
Buried within a Fed proposal regarding reverse mortgages and the right of rescission are additional disclosures for insurance products.
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Overcome Compliance Fatigue

Four steps to deal with the regulatory blitz.
The complexity and volume of new compliance changes—and the short time required to implement these changes—has created a condition called "compliance fatigue."
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A Tale of Opportunities

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."
How might Charles Dickens's sage narrative apply to credit unions today? It's easy to focus only on the difficulties credit unions face right now. Afterall, there are many reasons for gloom.
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Learn From the Squirrel in Rush-Hour Traffic

Focus on the 'Open' In Open-End Lending

Reg Z changes further define multifeatured open-end lending plans.
Review your practices, policies, and procedures to determine if you want to continue to use multifeatured open-end lending as a primary consumer lending strategy.
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