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Lending Regulatory Headwinds: 2015 Style

The relentless pace of regulatory change is the new normal.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may have a direct impact on CUs’ portfolio mix.
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Beware of Casual Conversation with Members

In certain situations, friendly banter can put your CU at risk.
Without proper controls and training, being too friendly can be dangerous to your CU’s health.
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Use Compliance to Navigate Risk

Integrate regulatory compliance responsibilities into your CU’s daily operations.
View regulatory compliance as an opportunity, not a burden, compliance expert advises.
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Things I Think I Know

A curmudgeon’s take on compliance requirements in the New Year.
New disclosure requirements will not improve consumers' understanding of loan products.
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Beware Zombies, Vampires, and TCPA

Some scary stories are real—and potentially costly.
Members must provide prior express written consent to receive marketing calls, texts, and faxes.
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Get Comfortable with Constantly Changing Regulations

Follow a three-step road map to manage the growing compliance burden.
Like death and taxes, the growing volume of complex regulations is inevitable.
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Lending Compliance Takes a Detour

Slow down and watch for compliance hazards with multifeatured open-end lending plans.
CUs now can find the lending solution that is right for members.
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It’s Time for an Auto Lending Compliance Tune-up

Auto-loan uptick provides opportunity for review.
Compliance requirements differ for direct and indirect loans.
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CFPB: Brace for Impact

CUs must continue to watch the volume, complexity, and novelty of new consumer regulations.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking very seriously its role as protector of consumers against abusive credit providers.
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CFPB: A Cry From The Heart

Establish the new agency’s legality before subjecting CUs to still more regulations.
CUs face a deluge of rules both baffling and complex.
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