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Tech Gap Between Members and CUs Is Widening

Younger members define convenience with smartphone apps, not branch offices and ATMs.
The fact that the average age of CU members isn’t coming down is indicative of this widening technology gap.
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This Recession Is No Picnic

Company picnics and casual Fridays will have to wait.
The recession has required all of us—employers and employees alike—to make some sacrifices.
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The Dreaded Job Interview

About 70% of job applicants find interviews distasteful.
Basically, treat candidates the way you’d like to be treated.
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What’s in a Name?

 The term ‘member’ can imply barriers to admission.
Nearly 70% of nonmembers ages 18 to 24 are “not at all familiar” with credit unions. And nearly 80% of consumers in that age group don’t know if they’re eligible to join.
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Top Planning Trends: Part II

Important Topics for CU Strategic Planning

Leaders should consider lending, governance, membership growth, technology, and compliance.
Lending will continue to be a struggle, but loans are on the uptick for most CUs.
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Top Planning Trends: Part I

What CU Leaders Need to Know for the Coming Year

Planning should include mobile, antibank sentiment, awareness, earnings, and staffing.
The wave of new members spurred on by Bank Transfer Day means a greater emphasis on onboarding and member retention, too.
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Top Ten Planning Topics

Use these topics to shape discussions at your strategic planning sessions.
Reap the benefits of Bank Transfer Day, prioritize nonmember awareness and focus on governance.
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Improve Members’ Online Experience

Studies show about 50% of attempts to open accounts online fail.
Studies show about 50% of attempts to open accounts online fail.
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 Is Isis Keeping You  Up at Night?

Major players are building a mobile-payments platform.
What could an organization called Isis and events taking place in Barcelona possibly have to do with credit unions?
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Only One Shot at a First Impression

Keep Bank Transfer Day momentum rolling.
First impressions are important. Over the years, astute observers have noted that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and first impressions are often the most accurate.
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