Member Potential

May 20, 2009
Ann Hayes Peterson What do nonmembers want from CUs? National research offers insights. Hard to imagine the Great Recession could offer credit unions a great opportunity to bring in new members. But that’s Jon Haller’s view. To credit unions faced with stagnant member growth, he has this advice: Carpe diem,... READ MORE

Trigger a Mood Swing

April 27, 2009
John Franklin Deliver the five things members want most. In my 41 years in the Credit Union System, I’ve seen periods where credit unions experienced problems and losses due to the economy or market fluctuations. They survived every one of them and usually emerged stronger and more highly esteemed than... READ MORE

Policy Makers to Attend CUNA GAC

January 23, 2009
LEAD STORY With a new administration and the 111th Congress onboard, Washington is buzzing. Learn firsthand what it means for credit unions during the 2009 Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC), Feb. 22-26, at the Washington (D.C.) Convention Center. Hear from policy makers, including Senate Banking Chairman... READ MORE

CUs Survive Mortgage Mugging

December 23, 2008
Patrick Totty  Instead of taking blows, vendors say CUs’ mortgage outlook is rosy in certain areas. You might compare what’s happened to the mortgage market recently to being mugged. First, there’s a flurry of blows, followed by sitting down, taking stock: Should I get up or catch my breath? For... READ MORE

CUNA Tools

December 23, 2008
Be bold. Be heard. Be there. The 2009 Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) is your time to step up, tell your story, and make a difference. This event, Feb. 22-26, at the Washington (D.C.) Convention Center, also provides opportunities to hear from influential Washington policy makers... READ MORE

Business Continuity Goes Mobile

November 17, 2008
Mobile recovery units and shared branching give CUs peace of mind during disasters .   Patrick Totty   Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was like a shot across the bow of U.S. credit unions. Even though most of the nation’s credit unions were immune to big tropical storms, they realized in... READ MORE

Product Brief

November 01, 2008
Product Brief November 1, 2008 CU Members Mortgage , Dallas, will hold its 13th Annual National Mortgage Lending Conference March 1-3 at The Fairmont Dallas. Attendees will learn about Federal Housing Administration loans, reaching the next generation of homebuyers, engaging members, and how other credit unions across the nation are... READ MORE

Trust and Data Loss Prevention

October 01, 2008
Trust and Data Loss Prevention October 1, 2008 By David Miner Assuming and managing risk is one of the important roles the financial services industry plays for its customers. The cornerstone of the relationship between the customer and financial institution is trust. Customers look to their institution to not only... READ MORE

Distinguish Your CU With 'Total Member Service'

October 01, 2008
Distinguish Your CU With 'Total Member Service' October 1, 2008 By Peter Schmitt Unscrupulous lending practices that led to a recent rise in foreclosures are just partly why consumers may be wary of larger financial institutions' motives. This presents credit unions with a fantastic opportunity to reinforce and grow member... READ MORE

Scenes from the America's CU Conference Exhibit Hall

August 01, 2008
Scenes from the America's CU Conference Exhibit Hall August 1, 2008 Meet some of the exhibitors at CUNA's recent conference in New York City. Rick Smith and Rick Chaffell, American Share Insurance Jan Boughan, Malia O'Keefe, and Helen Stevenson, Employment Technologies Corp. Gert Ford and Frank Noto, DealerTrack Joe D'Antonio... READ MORE

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