Board Term Limits: Yes or No?

December 01, 2007
Board Term Limits: Yes or No? December 1, 2007 By Dianne Molvig Do board term limits rejuvenate a board by creating a periodic influx of new board members with fresh perspectives? Can term limits ensure a board remains attuned to the needs of a changing membership? Or do term limits... READ MORE

Ten Tips for Leaders

December 01, 2007
Ten Tips for Leaders December 1, 2007 "Nothing is more important than taking care of people," says Dave Weinberg, senior associate at Booz Allen Hamilton , Oak Hill, Va. Problem is, no one ever says what it means to "take care of people," he adds. Weinberg shared his list at... READ MORE

Spotlight: Michael Swalley

November 01, 2007
Spotlight: Michael Swalley November 1, 2007 Who: Michael Swalley What: President/CEO Where: Dominion Credit Union , Richmond, Va. Michael Swalley, president/CEO of $144 million asset Dominion Credit Union, Richmond, Va., seeks out talented people who are enthusiastic about the credit union's vision. He shares his thoughts on leadership and pressing... READ MORE

Spotlight: Roy Broxterman

August 01, 2007
Spotlight: Roy Broxterman August 1, 2007 Who: Roy Broxterman What: Board chairman Where: Hutchinson (Kan.) CU Roy Broxterman has been a board member for $100 million asset Hutchinson Credit Union for 22 years, and recently was recognized as the Kansas Credit Union Association's (KCUA) volunteer of the year. Among his... READ MORE

Spotlight: Glenna Osborn

July 01, 2007
Spotlight: Glenna Osborn July 1, 2007 Who: Glenna Osborn What: President/CEO Where: Missouri Central CU, Lee's Summit What I've learned about CUs Although I have a degree in finance and economics, I had no appreciation for credit union philosophy until after I graduated. Credit unions were mentioned in a money... READ MORE

Spotlight: Paul Morin, a Veteran of Members' Affairs

March 01, 2007
CU leader works for veterans' rights. READ MORE

Mark Holbrook: A Mission of Service and Ministry

December 01, 2006
Who: Mark Holbrook What: President/CEO Where: Evangelical Christian Credit Union, Brea, Calif. What are the top two reasons for your CU's success in making loans to churches, a very specialized lending segment? First, over 15 years ago Evangelical Christian Credit Union recognized that churches and ministries represented a significant underserved... READ MORE

What Makes A Good Annual Meeting?

July 01, 2006
What Makes A Good Annual Meeting? July 1, 2006   Themed Meetings  We have fun first, and then get down to business. We have a social hour followed by a dinner and entertainment. We have the business meeting at the end of the evening. We always have a themed annual... READ MORE

Maine CUs' Volunteer Time Grew 22% Last Year

June 01, 2006
Maine CUs' Volunteer Time Grew 22% Last Year June 1, 2006 Maine credit union staff and directors volunteered more than 20,000 hours of their time in 2005, a 22% increase over 2004, according to the Maine Credit Union League. Based on figures from the Points of Light Foundation, which calculates... READ MORE

Board Nominations, Elections, And Term Limits

January 01, 2006
Board Nominations, Elections, And Term Limits January 1, 2006 By Barbara Wirtz The National Cooperative Business Association's (NCBA) new survey regarding nominations, elections, and term limits for credit union directors raise questions that will require thoughtful and courageous analysis to answer. Challenges from the banking industry are prompting credit unions... READ MORE
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