Mark Holbrook: A Mission of Service and Ministry

December 01, 2006
Who: Mark Holbrook What: President/CEO Where: Evangelical Christian Credit Union, Brea, Calif. What are the top two reasons for your CU's success in making loans to churches, a very specialized lending segment? First, over 15 years ago Evangelical Christian Credit Union recognized that churches and ministries represented a significant underserved... READ MORE

The Next Generation of Signature Authentication

December 01, 2006
The Next Generation of Signature Authentication December 1, 2006 Every fingerprint is unique, just as every hand signing a name creates specific variations not detectable by the human eye. Using a unique algorithm, Signishellâ„¢ from Card Scanning Solutions captures detailed measurements of a signer's rhythm, speed, pressure, and acceleration when... READ MORE

How to Succeed With a Community Charter

November 01, 2006
How to Succeed With a Community Charter November 1, 2006 Expand marketing Make organizational changes Focus on human resources Why convert to a community charter when your main sponsor isn't downsizing or moving? To grow and attract new borrowers and savers, and fill a niche, says Joe Thomas, CEO of... READ MORE

Disaster Role-Playing Exercise

November 01, 2006
Disaster Role-Playing Exercise November 1, 2006 Editor's note: EECU patterned this scenario after an exercise conducted by Jack Henry & Associates' Centurion Disaster Recovery Group . Introduction: For the next several hours, you will be participating in a business continuity and disaster recovery exercise designed to test our decision-making processes... READ MORE

Disaster Recovery Role-Play

November 01, 2006
Disaster Recovery Role-Play November 1, 2006 By Darla Dernovsek Role-playing exercises help credit unions imagine a disaster's impact on everyday operations. At EECU (formerly Educational Employees Credit Union), Fort Worth, Texas, a pandemic role-playing exercise helped the $570 million credit union develop the first draft of a plan aimed at... READ MORE

Due Diligence: Keep Members, Regulators Happy

November 01, 2006
Due Diligence: Keep Members, Regulators Happy November 1, 2006 By Norine Richards The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) often repeats the "due diligence" theme in regulations, letters to federally insured credit unions, and examiner questionnaires. These eight steps incorporate the points in NCUA's 2001 letter regarding due diligence in selecting... READ MORE

Business Continuity Lessons Learned

November 01, 2006
Business Continuity Lessons Learned November 1, 2006 By Jim Jerving Business continuity planning has changed dramatically due to a confluence of events--both man-made and natural--as well as technology advances. Business continuity consisted of ensuring that the credit union's core processor would be up and running after a disruption of services.... READ MORE

Coin Counter Allows Electronic Transfers Into Consumers' Accounts

November 01, 2006
Coin Counter Allows Electronic Transfers Into Consumers' Accounts November 1, 2006 Coinstar Inc., Bellevue, Wash., has developed the new Coinstar Direct Coin Depositâ„¢ service that will allow consumers to electronically transfer coins into personal accounts. This feature is complemented with Coinstar's new Madison coin-counting kiosk, specifically designed for retail financial... READ MORE

Snapshot: Midyear Financials

November 01, 2006
Snapshot: Midyear Financials November 1, 2006 Midyear Financials Source: National Credit Union Administration READ MORE

CUs Do a World of Good

October 01, 2006
Roberto Heredia maneuvers his motorcycle up and down washed-out gravel roads across a mostly dry creek bed, zipping past the arid, hilly landscape near Bolivia's southern border with Argentina. The loan officer for Magisterio Rural Agencia Padcaya Credit... READ MORE

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