Spread the Direct Deposit Message

February 10, 2010
By David A. Lebryk Whether your credit union serves a small town, a profession, or a workplace, your members trust you with their money and often look to you for sound advice. One word from credit union employees can have a powerful and immediate impact on your members. That’s why... READ MORE

2010's Top 10 Information Security Threats

February 09, 2010
The start of a new year is a great time for companies to evaluate their information security practices and prepare for threats they’ll face in the coming year, says Kevin Prince, chief technology officer for Perimeter eSecurity , Milford, Conn. “As these security threats become more serious and difficult to... READ MORE

Guard Against These Risks in 2010

February 08, 2010
By Brad Mundine Credit unions face numerous challenges and risks daily, not the least of which is fraud. Here are two emerging fraud risks CUNA Mutual Group Risk Management is recommending credit unions be cognizant of and prepare for in 2010. Wire/ACH transfer fraud This is one of the hottest... READ MORE

Hackers Are Cleverer Than Ever

February 08, 2010
By Patrick Totty Kevin Prince, chief technology officer at Perimeter e-Security , a Credit Union National Association strategic alliance provider, says the recession has created an uptick in hacking and new twists for getting information. “One problem is that the old way of dealing with hacker threats isn’t sufficient,” he... READ MORE

Small CU Profile: Nick Kessenich, Members First CU

February 05, 2010
In late 1981, Nick Kessenich took the reins of the former Sub-Zero Credit Union, Madison, Wis., after the untimely death of the institution’s president. He’d only joined the board in March of that year and wasn’t 100% sure he was up for the job. The board’s response to his reluctance:... READ MORE

Small CUs: Top Challenges Yesterday & Today

February 03, 2010
Ten years ago, the biggest challenge facing small CUs was the need to offer a wider range of services. Today, that concern isn’t on the radar for most small CUs, which make up 70% of the nation’s 8,000 credit unions. READ MORE

What Does the Future Hold for Branches?

January 27, 2010
Many credit union members view brick-and-mortar branches in much the same way that college kids think of home: They function well away from it but love basking in the sheer comfort and familiarity of the place. That basic need for human contact is why credit unions will... READ MORE

CUNA Drafting Comments to Corporate CU Proposal

January 27, 2010
NCUA has also issued a proposal affecting community CUs. A number of regulatory issues remained with us as our calendars rolled over to 2010. One of those issues is the regulation of corporate credit unions. About 95% of natural-person credit unions belong to and rely on corporate credit... READ MORE

Six ID Theft Trends for 2010

January 27, 2010
Organized, Internet-based identity crime will continue to menace consumers and the economy in 2010, according to the Identity Theft Assistance Center, a nonprofit coalition of financial services companies that aims to protect consumers from identity theft. The group released a report identifying 2010’s top identity theft trends: 1. An emerging... READ MORE

CUs Need a Youth Movement

January 27, 2010
Only 4% of members are age 18 to 24. As the U.S. Census Bureau prepares to paint its 10-year portrait of the population, demographers are expecting to see a picture of an older, more ethnically diverse America. That portrait reinforces a painful reality for credit unions: Your members... READ MORE

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