Capital: How Much is Enough?

November 01, 2007
Capital: How Much is Enough? November 1, 2007 By R. Jeffery Harris How much capital do credit unions need? Some might volunteer a specific number such as 6% because of experience with fairly recent Prompt Corrective Action requirements. Others might pick a higher number such as 11% because that appears... READ MORE

Embrace Member-Driven Design

November 01, 2007
Embrace Member-Driven Design November 1, 2007 To remain competitive, organizations must strive for better, faster, and less expensive ways to bring new products and services to market. Likewise, credit unions must bring products and services to market in a more member-focused, expedient, and economical fashion. In the broadest sense, architecture... READ MORE

Seven Steps to Better Business Planning

November 01, 2007
Seven Steps to Better Business Planning November 1, 2007 By Richard L. Sandenaw In your annual strategic planning sessions, is your approach focused for success? For example, what if changing business priorities and operational challenges prevent management from focusing on its board-approved plans? What are the odds that unforeseen problems... READ MORE

Twelve Steps to Staff Loyalty

October 01, 2007
You don't have to pay employees huge salaries to earn their loyalty. But because staff can make or break your credit union, you must find a way to keep the best ones around. READ MORE

Don't Be a 'Zombie Brander'

October 01, 2007
Don't Be a 'Zombie Brander' October 1, 2007 By Susan Solomon Recently, a marketing student complained that her marketing materials didn't look alike. "The designs aren't similar enough. We don't look like a real brand," she said. Oh really? Is a "real brand" about conformity? Consider what your members encounter... READ MORE

Leave No Member Behind

October 01, 2007
A WOCCU initiative helps CUs reach the world’s poorest. By Bill Merrick Sebazungo Bonaventure scoots nimbly on his hands across Kigali, Rwanda’s rocky side streets. A birth defect keeps him from walking, but not from running a shoe repair business where a typical day’s work yields 500 Rwandan francs—about 91... READ MORE

Phishers Feast on Financial Firms

October 01, 2007
Phishers Feast on Financial Firms October 1, 2007 By Carolyn James & John LaCour After years of focusing primarily on auction sites, phishers now target credit unions and other financial institutions more than any other industry, according to research from brand protection firm MarkMonitor , San Francisco. In a typical... READ MORE

Practice 'Pre-Emptive Compliance'

October 01, 2007
Practice 'Pre-Emptive Compliance' October 1, 2007 By Leonard Ryan One of the most effective military strategies is the pre-emptive strike, because it almost always provides the advantage to the forces taking the initiative. The same is true for credit unions that practice "pre-emptive compliance" to avoid risks and enhance member... READ MORE

Reach, Teach Young Adults

October 01, 2007
Reach, Teach Young Adults October 1, 2007 Author and America's Credit Union Conference & Expo speaker Anya Kamenetz describes three key economic problems plaguing young adults: 1. Student loan debt. Two-thirds of today's college students have federal loans for postsecondary education, she says, up from 35% in 1993-94. Graduates' average... READ MORE

Intelligent Video Surveillance Thwarts ID Theft

October 01, 2007
Intelligent Video Surveillance Thwarts ID Theft October 1, 2007 By Dagan Sadeh A teller walks away from his desk briefly, leaving a short queue of customers to wait. One customer from the queue steps forward quickly, grabbing a handful of new credit cards ready to be mailed to customers with... READ MORE

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