MySpace Moves to CU Space

February 01, 2008
MySpace Moves to CU Space February 1, 2008 By Mary Mink "The Web has moved much further than the dot-org Web site. Now it's about managing your online identity on social networking sites, conversing with members on their blogs, and keeping up with what's being said about you and your... READ MORE

Hire for the Best Results

February 01, 2008
Hire for the Best Results February 1, 2008 By Joseph T. Sefcik We all say we hire for the best result, but is that always the case? When was the last time a "real change" was made to improve the results of your hiring process? Often, what we consider as... READ MORE

CEO Homes in on Home Banking

February 01, 2008
CEO Homes in on Home Banking February 1, 2008 Who: Larry Kelly What: President/CEO Where: Apple Federal CU , Fairfax, Va.   Our biggest online service challenge   To continue to grow the relevance, usefulness, and convenience of home banking for our members. Apple Federal first offered home banking in... READ MORE

Seven Ways CEOs Help Top Companies Get Ahead-and Stay There

January 01, 2008
Seven Ways CEOs Help Top Companies Get Ahead-and Stay There January 1, 2008 Top-performing companies are characterized by cultures that are flexible, adaptive, participative, and innovative, and they operationalize these attributes through leader behavior and organizational structure and systems. So says Rick Lepsinger, president of New York-based OnPoint Consulting and... READ MORE

Spotlight: Richard Brandsma

January 01, 2008
Spotlight: Richard Brandsma January 1, 2008 Who: Richard C. (Rick) Brandsma What: President/CEO Where: Sound CU , Tacoma, Wash. Proactive lending and people skills pay off for Rick Brandsma, CEO of $362 million asset Sound CU, Tacoma, Wash. The credit union won CUNA Lending Council 2007 Excellence in Lending Awards... READ MORE

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

January 01, 2008
What's Your New Year's Resolution? January 1, 2008   Be Bold   We believe a New Year's resolution should be gallant and daring. No wimpy stuff for us. To that end, we resolve to uncover an innovative solution that will help low-wealth people become financially successful. This seems like a... READ MORE

Stop Using The 'B' Word

January 01, 2008
Stop Using The 'B' Word January 1, 2008 By Ken Gardner Credit unions have long distinguished themselves from banks by the service they provide their members and the innate structural differences between the two institutions. However, the public at large still associates banks and credit unions as one and the... READ MORE

Ten Tips for Leaders

December 01, 2007
Ten Tips for Leaders December 1, 2007 "Nothing is more important than taking care of people," says Dave Weinberg, senior associate at Booz Allen Hamilton , Oak Hill, Va. Problem is, no one ever says what it means to "take care of people," he adds. Weinberg shared his list at... READ MORE

Spotlight: Michael Swalley

November 01, 2007
Spotlight: Michael Swalley November 1, 2007 Who: Michael Swalley What: President/CEO Where: Dominion Credit Union , Richmond, Va. Michael Swalley, president/CEO of $144 million asset Dominion Credit Union, Richmond, Va., seeks out talented people who are enthusiastic about the credit union's vision. He shares his thoughts on leadership and pressing... READ MORE

Spotlight: Glenna Osborn

July 01, 2007
Spotlight: Glenna Osborn July 1, 2007 Who: Glenna Osborn What: President/CEO Where: Missouri Central CU, Lee's Summit What I've learned about CUs Although I have a degree in finance and economics, I had no appreciation for credit union philosophy until after I graduated. Credit unions were mentioned in a money... READ MORE
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