CU Hero: CU Evangelist Inspires Others

November 17, 2008
' When you get entrenched in the CU ... there’s no other place for you. ' Carla Hedrick is surprised to hear herself described as a “fierce credit union advocate.”   But the president/CEO of $212 million asset Denver Community Federal Credit Union likes it. “I guess it’s because I’m passionate when... READ MORE

The Other Three R's

November 17, 2008
Kathryn Kuehn   Going digital is an environmentally responsible decision.   I learned the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra in grade school. I also lived it every day, courtesy of frugal parents.   As one of five children, nearly every clothing item coming my way was “preworn.” My mother recently apologized—with... READ MORE

Partners Share Expertise

November 17, 2008
Earlier this year, the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) and the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (CDCU) formed the Credit Union Development Corps. This exchange program brings together NCUF’s development educators and CDCUs to share expertise and operational strengths.   Claire Ippoliti, vice president of lending at $577... READ MORE

Spotlight: Larry Wilson

November 01, 2008
Spotlight: Larry Wilson November 1, 2008 Who: Larry Wilson What: President/CEO Where: Coastal FCU , Raleigh, N.C. The biggest challenge facing Coastal FCU Three major income drivers are under pressure in our declining economy:   Auto loans. Our automobile financing program generates about one-third of our gross revenue and represents... READ MORE

How Recruiters Shed Light on Executives' Character

November 01, 2008
How Recruiters Shed Light on Executives' Character November 1, 2008 By Dean Bare As corporate America shuffles through the wake of the Enron, Adelphia, and HealthSouth scandals, the issue of "character" now is on the minds of boards of directors, shareholders, and employees as companies seek senior-level executives. While not... READ MORE

Retain Top Talent: Lessons from India and China

October 01, 2008
Retain Top Talent: Lessons from India and China October 1, 2008 By Mickey Matthews Business now is conducted in a global village where the practices are as varied as the cultures. While the differences often are subtle, they're all united by a single purpose: find and retain the best people... READ MORE

Spotlight: Glenn Strebe

October 01, 2008
Spotlight: Glenn Strebe October 1, 2008 Who: Glenn Strebe What: President/CEO Where: Air Academy FCU , Colorado Springs, Colo.   First job and what I learned from it   As a busboy at Bonanza Sirloin Pit in Minot, N.D., I learned that every person, regardless of position, plays a vital... READ MORE

Search Consultant Calling? It's a Compliment

October 01, 2008
Search Consultant Calling? It's a Compliment October 1, 2008 By Steve B. Watson The next time you get a call from an executive search consultant, take it as a compliment. Don't tell this individual you're not interested or that you'll call back with no intention of doing so. Regard the... READ MORE

CU Hero: John Herrera

September 01, 2008
CU Hero: John Herrera September 1, 2008 Not long ago, Hispanics in Durham, N.C., were locked out of the mainstream financial system. The language barrier made it impossible for them to set up accounts at local English-only-speaking banks. And by keeping their hard-earned money in cash, they became prime targets... READ MORE

Don't Underestimate the Negative Impact of Change

September 01, 2008
Don't Underestimate the Negative Impact of Change September 1, 2008 By Vicky Franchino The old maxim, "change is the only constant," has been all too true for credit unions over the past decade. Mergers, technological advances, the sales culture implementations, and the ongoing struggle to stay competitive in a highly... READ MORE

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