Compliance Q&A: FACT Act

October 01, 2008
Q Our credit union provides information to CUNA Mutual Group for use in marketing products and services to our members. Does this relationship trigger compliance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act's affiliate marketing rule? READ MORE

Compliance Q&A: Electronic Disclosures

September 01, 2008
Compliance Q&A: Electronic Disclosures September 1, 2008 By Valerie Moss Q The Federal Reserve Board clarified the requirements for providing electronic consumer disclosures last fall. When is the mandatory compliance date for these changes, and how will they affect the way credit unions deliver electronic disclosures? A Last fall, the... READ MORE

Compliance Challenge: Regulatory Blockbusters

August 01, 2008
Compliance Challenge: Regulatory Blockbusters August 1, 2008 Over the July 4 weekend I saw both "Up the Yangtze" (a documentary) and "Ironman" (a genre I call "movies with big explosion budgets"). As I looked at everything I wanted to review with you this month, I thought "how would this play... READ MORE

Compliance Q&A: Security & Shredding

August 01, 2008
Compliance Q&A: Security & Shredding August 1, 2008 By Valerie Moss   Q Must a federally insured credit union notify the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) every time it identifies a possible security breach?   A No. NCUA's Part 748 (security program) and accompanying guidance (Appendix B) require credit unions... READ MORE

Compliance Challenge: Cancel Those Vacation Plans

July 01, 2008
Compliance Challenge: Cancel Those Vacation Plans July 1, 2008 By Kathy Thompson Forget summer vacation. There are just too many comment letters due in the next couple of months. We need your input—even if it's on the back of a postcard with a picture of the beach or written with... READ MORE

Compliance Q&A: Flood Determinations

July 01, 2008
Compliance Q&A: Flood Determinations July 1, 2008 Q What should you do if a member challenges a flood determination that concludes a security property is in a special flood hazard area (SFHA)? A The credit union can review the flood determination, or request that the certification company double-check the results.... READ MORE

Compliance Q&A

June 01, 2008
Compliance Q&A June 1, 2008 By Valerie Moss Q Is a credit union required to pay a check written on a member's account if that check is presented more than six months later? A No--except for certified checks, according to Article 4, Section 404 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Although... READ MORE

Compliance Challenge: May Day and 'Mayday'

June 01, 2008
Compliance Challenge: May Day and 'Mayday' June 1, 2008 By Kathy Thompson Editor's note: Some links in this article go to CUNA's members-only pages and are available only to affiliated credit unions. It's amazing what capitals and spaces and inflections can do to change the meaning of words. When you... READ MORE

Compliance Q&A

May 01, 2008
Compliance Q&A May 1, 2008 By Valerie Moss Q How long should credit unions retain records related to compliance with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations? A Five years. For items rejected in accordance with OFAC regulations, credit unions must maintain records for five years from the date of... READ MORE

Compliance Q&A

April 01, 2008
Compliance Q&A April 1, 2008 Q Can federally insured credit unions accept appraisals transferred from other financial institutions? A Yes, so long as: The appraiser is engaged directly by the institution transferring the appraisal; The appraiser has no direct or indirect interest in the property or transaction; The existing appraisal... READ MORE
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#EMV Liability Shift Deadline Less Than a Year Away

Apple Pay. Tokenization. NFC. Biometrics. There are so many buzzwords being talked about in the payments arena that it can be difficult to keep up.  Combine that with the fact that there seems to be a new data breach every week, and your head will be spinning.  While these new technologies are all exciting and […]

Introducing New PolicyWorks Team Members

Hello everyone!  As the two newest members to the PolicyWorks team Zac Pollock and I, Melinda Peterson, would like to introduce ourselves. As a Compliance Specialist, I am responsible for assisting credit unions with their compliance needs as well as being a resource for reviewing marketing materials and websites for compliance with federal regulations.  I […]

Risk- Based Capital Rule 2.0

The NCUA has announced that it will be issuing a revised proposed risk-based capital rule.  The proposed rule will also allow for a new comment period. This is great news for credit unions. The original risk-based capital rule may have been one of the most significant proposed rules facing credit unions in recent times.  And the feedback […]
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