Pillars of the Community

December 23, 2008
Judy Dahl Award-winning community CUs serve all members, not just some. The key to community credit union success is “staying focused on why we’re here—to serve members. We have to be a sustaining resource to [members],” says Rick Hein, CEO of $540 million asset OSU Federal Credit Union, Corvallis, Ore.... READ MORE

Lending 2009: Find the Silver Lining

December 23, 2008
Lloyd Gill Be there for newly credit-impaired members. Sam, a member, called recently, very troubled. He was returning our call about his past-due loan. Never delinquent before, he faced a new experience. Many members, like Sam, for the first time are having trouble paying their loans. Previously having had excellent... READ MORE

Leading Edge Lenders

December 22, 2008
Karen Bankston CUNA Lending Council award winners turn economic drop into market share gains. The dramatic economic downturn of 2008 caught many by surprise, but  executives of credit unions honored with the 2008 Excellence in Lending Awards detected the first tremors in 2007 and earlier. They adjusted their lending processes... READ MORE

Reverse Mortgages Come of Age

December 22, 2008
Neil Bartlett Demand for reverse mortgages should increase as seniors face the future with rising expenses.The biggest risk of not providing reverse mortgages is that someone else will—and your credit union may lose senior members. Greg Seltzer, vice president of lending at $830 million asset Los Angeles Firemen’s Credit Union,... READ MORE

Three-Part Harmony

November 17, 2008
I often look to my daughter's life as a way to better understand the world around me. At age 15 and as a high-school freshman, she's very musically inclined. (She gets it from her mother.) Yet... READ MORE

Lessons Learned From Microfinance

August 01, 2008
Lessons Learned From Microfinance August 1, 2008 By Beth Stetenfeld Did you know: Forty percent to 60% of the world's population is unbanked; Twenty eight million people in the U.S. have no financial account relationship; and About 45 million people—19% of U.S. households—have account relationships but continue to use various... READ MORE

Streamline Card Processing to Reduce Fraud

August 01, 2008
Streamline Card Processing to Reduce Fraud August 1, 2008 By Dusty Bowers Just as one-stop shopping appeals to time-strapped consumers, using the same processor for debit personal identification number (PIN) and signature and credit card transactions can improve security, operational efficiency, and member service. Credit unions studying how best to... READ MORE

Spotlight: Melanie Stillwell

August 01, 2008
Spotlight: Melanie Stillwell August 1, 2008 Who: Melanie Stillwell What: President/CEO Where: Western Cooperative CU , Williston, N.D.   Why our business lending program is successful Our business lending portfolio consists primarily of agricultural loans. The credit union was chartered 70 years ago as an agricultural credit union and is... READ MORE

Community Partners

August 01, 2008
Community Partners August 1, 2008 By Darla Dernovsek A high-school dropout gets a job mopping floors in the meat department of the local grocery store. He works hard, gets promoted to meat and deli manager, and the owner offers to sell him the store when she retires. Fast-forward 22 years.... READ MORE

Adaptable Fraud Prevention: A Global Solution

August 01, 2008
Adaptable Fraud Prevention: A Global Solution August 1, 2008 By Karen Postma It's no surprise that given the increased use of payment cards by consumers from Boston to Bangkok and places in between, card fraud is on the rise. Losses total in the hundreds of millions of dollars for debit... READ MORE

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