The New CIO

November 17, 2008
Cathy Fleming   Today’s CIOs must be strong leaders as well as talented technologists .   The pace of technological change demands a unique combination of flexibility and forecasting by credit union chief information officers (CIO). The CIO’s role has become even more critical in executing strategies to increase membership,... READ MORE

Aim for the Optimum

November 17, 2008
Rudy Pereira and Jackie Buchanan The CUNA Technology Council examines the challenges of operating more efficiently while making services more convenient. Predicting which technologies will support an optimal member experience—in-person, online, in retail settings, or anywhere else—continually tests the skills and the budgets of credit union leaders.   The CUNA... READ MORE

Examine Core Strength

November 17, 2008
Dianne Molvig Due diligence of core processing vendors helps CUs get the most out of this vital partnership . Choosing and installing a new core processing system is one of the most time-devouring and expensive projects credit unions can undertake. It’s not something credit unions do—or want to do—often.  ... READ MORE

What's UR txt msg Str@tegy?

October 23, 2008
What's UR txt msg Str@tegy? November 1, 2008 By Alan Berrey Two years ago my daughter, Anna, sent me her first text message. She borrowed her older brother's mobile phone and composed this question: "Where R U?" When the message arrived, I was happy to know she was thinking about... READ MORE

Consumers Are Ready to Go Mobile

October 01, 2008
Consumers Are Ready to Go Mobile October 1, 2008 Consumer interest in mobile banking and payments services offered by their financial institution has increased significantly in the past two years, according to a study released by Fiserv Inc. , Brookfield, Wis. Research revealed that 75% of those surveyed say they... READ MORE

Keep Gen Y for Life

October 01, 2008
Keep Gen Y for Life October 1, 2008 By Beth Stetenfeld Want to attract generation Y members and keep them for life? Be ready to offer technology options that match their expectations, says Scott Klososky , founder and co-founder of several startup companies, including Shryk LLC , Oklahoma City. He... READ MORE

Do You Have an ACH Work Plan?

September 01, 2008
Do You Have an ACH Work Plan? September 1, 2008 By Mary Gilmeister Over the past few years the financial services industry has experienced dramatic changes in the way payments are made and processed. A 2007 Federal Reserve payment study showed that from 2000-2003, the number of electronic payments per... READ MORE

Enhance Remote Service Delivery

September 01, 2008
Enhance Remote Service Delivery September 1, 2008 By Darla Dernovsek Want to improve operations and ease members' access to remote banking channels? Consider these six technologies:   1. Electronic signature capture   This tool reduces paper and simplifies document storage by replacing signed paperwork with an electronic pad that "captures"... READ MORE

CU Banks on Viral Marketing

September 01, 2008
CU Banks on Viral Marketing September 1, 2008 The University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union in Lexington has released its second viral marketing video, "Don't Bank It." Posted on Facebook and YouTube , the whimsical, two-minute video showcases the "2008 Financial Olympics: Credit Unions vs. Banks." It shows the credit... READ MORE

Tech Bite

September 01, 2008
Tech Bite September 1, 2008 By Darla Dernovsek Ask credit union technology leaders what they aim to achieve with their 2008 budgets, and they'll make it clear they've set their sights on a better experience for members and employees alike. For some credit unions, that means using technology to improve... READ MORE

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