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Corporate CU Assessments Handcuff Growth, Prompt Cutbacks

March 03, 2013
CU executives hope NCUA Corporate Stabilization Fund assessments will help keep the CU movement healthy in the long term. READ MORE

New Insights on NCUA Assessments

November 14, 2011
"Consternation" is a good word to describe CUs' reaction to NCUA's corporate stabilization assessments and insurance premiums. READ MORE

NCUA to Allow Voluntary Prepayments of Stabilization Fund Assessments

June 29, 2011
CUs must commit to $500 million in prepayments by August 9 for the program to move forward. READ MORE

Net Income Will Gain Momentum

June 02, 2011
You might be surprised by CUNA’s economic forecasts for 2011 and 2012. READ MORE

NCUA May Allow Voluntary Prepayment of Corporate Assessments

May 19, 2011
If all eligible CUs participate to the maximum extent permitted, the 2011 assessment to all CUs could be around 10 bp instead of 25 bp. READ MORE

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