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Nussle: CU Success Equals Growth

April 10, 2015
Advocacy is everyone’s responsibility. READ MORE

Resist Banking Lobby's Rhetoric

April 03, 2015
The stakes are high. Just ask your members. READ MORE

Keep the CU Agenda Top of Mind

April 01, 2015
CU Magazine puts the spotlight on Robert D. Ramirez, CEO of Vantage West CU in Tuscon, Ariz. READ MORE

Infographic: Loyal Members Support CU Advocacy Efforts

April 01, 2015
They're your cheerleaders. And their numbers are growing. READ MORE

Advocacy Gives CUs, Members a United Voice

March 13, 2015
'Our [political] involvement gives our 100 million members a united voice in Washington and throughout our 50 states.' READ MORE

CUs Hike the Hill

March 11, 2015
CU leaders descend on the U.S. Capitol to advocate for the movement. READ MORE

Legislators Show Support for CUs

March 10, 2015
Representatives agree with need to reduce regulatory burden, maintain CU tax exemption. READ MORE

The Advocacy Power of CU Members

March 10, 2015
CUs' best weapon in the fight to stand up to banks is their 100 million-plus members. READ MORE

Sens. Brown, Merkley State Support of CUs’ Tax Status

March 10, 2015
Tell legislators about the danger of regulatory creep during Hill visits. READ MORE

Nussle: Engage Our Members

March 09, 2015
Mobilizing CU staff, volunteers, and members would amplify our advocacy efforts exponentially. READ MORE

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