Technology Council Identifies Five Top Tech Trends

Mobile services—and malware—are at the forefront.

June 20, 2013
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5. Credit Union Financial Exchange (CUFX)

Change and innovation are increasing at an accelerated pace. Demand for seamless delivery across channels and technologies continues to drive investments.

For credit unions to grow, provide the best member experience across all channels, and remain competitive in the marketplace, they must continually improve their technical infrastructure.

One barrier credit unions face today is the highly inefficient systems integration process required to connect applications.

Credit unions need to provide the sophisticated, seamless experience that consumers demand. With a single technology standard, both credit unions and vendors will be better able to deliver these solutions rapidly and elegantly.

That’s why the credit union movement needs a single integration standard such as CUFX.

Experts from leading credit unions and top vendors are coming together on CUFX, an initiative of the CUNA Technology Council, to develop standards that will make product and service integration across the credit union movement faster, easier, and less expensive.

CUFX standards will be vendor-agnostic. A certification program will allow vendors to acquire a “CUFX Certified” designation.

Stay tuned.

Visit the CUNA Technology Council website for more information.

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