Act Like a Shark: Keep Moving

Businesses are like sharks: If they don’t move, they die.

April 06, 2011
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Just keep swimming

Too often we forget that progress is made in stretches. We don't have to hit a home run to reach home plate.

Even small advances get us where we need to go. The key is to step up, make a decision, and execute.

The idea that little things can provide big effects was tested in 1963 with what’s called the Butterfly Effect.

The question? Could the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Singapore affect a hurricane in North Carolina? The answer? Yes.

Ponder this: Are you consistently making tiny decisions that have the potential to produce enormous, though sometimes distant, effects?

Don't fail to innovate

Credit unions can't afford to be like many other industries—asleep and content with how things have always been.

In the past, change hasn’t been required to realize success. This is no longer the case.

Failure to innovate will not lead to death overnight—but it will over time.

Innovation is about reworking how your credit union does things, incrementally or radically. It’s about keeping pace as to not become irrelevant. It’s about sensing and responding.

It’s about survival.

MICHELLE HUNTER is senior vice president, marketing and development, for Credit Union of Southern California and vice chair of the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council.

Be flexible with change

Marcy Stark
April 06, 2011 12:51 pm
Great article. It's important to move forward, make decisions, and execute new ideas to grow and survive in the financial arena. The key is not to depend on what we've always done but be flexible and ready for change.

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Ken Schroeder, CBCP, VP Business Continuity, Southeast Corporate
April 20, 2011 10:38 am
Remember--to be successful: Maintain a Rigid State of Flexibility

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April 20, 2011 11:22 am
Wonderful article Michelle. I started in the credit union industry in 1997 in the middle of HR 1151 – even with all the uncertainty surrounding us, we managed to keep moving. Perseverance and innovation were the driving factors that helped us to do more with less. Over the past year, I have seen that same creativity reignited. Credit union marketers and business development professionals are working harder than ever. Just looking at this year’s CUNA Diamond award winners is a testament to the amazing work that can be accomplished even in times of adversity. Congratulations to you and to all who are “fulfilling dreams.”

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