Don't Get Dust in the Server & Other Core Conversion Lessons

Share One CEO finds that sacred cows make delicious hamburgers.

December 23, 2010
KEYWORDS conversion , core , training
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CU Mag: What’s a good conversion you’ve experienced?

Tanner: One of the most effective was at a credit union in Northern California. The CEO, after everyone had posted their transactions during a simulation test, took everyone to a beauty shop for pedicures.

They came back, balanced everything, and did the evaluation. They shifted into a relaxing environment and got a little body work done.

CU Mag: Any last thoughts?

Tanner: At Pacific IBM, we had several core conversion mottos, including “There’s no finish line.”

That’s not a comforting motto.

Another was, “There’s only one wrong answer: ‘Because that’s the way it’s always been done.’ ”

If you say that, you know you’ve got trouble. When you think something can’t change, you’re probably wrong.

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