The Agility Imperative: Tune Up for Future Success

The future belongs to the agile.

August 23, 2010
KEYWORDS agility , leaders , teams
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Times change, leaders lead

Of course, this might feel like an exhaustive list of questions, but if you’re not making them part of a regular self-evaluation process, chances are you’re falling behind instead of leading the way forward.

The information (not just data) you incorporate into each of these key agility assessments must be reliable, timely, and current.

Next, focus on which among these many issues is most relevant and critical to your organization, and, after prioritizing them, build teams accordingly.

Too many priorities lead to a lack of focus—too few priorities leave you behind your competitors. As in all things, striking the right balance will manifest better services, products, and pricing for your members, and more success for your credit union.

Finally, instill a sense of urgency in others. You can’t do this all on your own, so look for qualities related to agility at all levels of your team.

Your team must consist only of professionals who want to be part of the best, most successful, and agile credit union in America.

Opportunities abound

Some wistfully yearn for a return to the “good old days.” But from my perspective, these are the golden days.

Trust in almost all institutions is down, giving credit unions some advantages we’ve never had before. With that comes a chance to speak the truth about what we stand for and how we’re different.

We’re being given a rare opportunity to effect change in the lives of many people who have been through serious financial trauma. For the agile, the visionary, and the strong, the best days lie ahead.

ERIN MENDEZ is executive vice president/chief operating officer for SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, Santa Ana, Calif., and vice chair of the CUNA Council Forum. Contact her at 714-466-8109.

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